Trinity Press offers calendar design and printing to fit your company’s needs.  Custom-printed calendars from Trinity Press are some of the most creative and useful ways to constantly remind your customers about your products and services.  We can produce every type of calendar type to fit every purpose.  Impress your customers with mouse calendars, desk calendars, product calendars, magnet calendars, business card calendars and other options as needed.

Make an impact throughout the year by showcasing your logo, promotional messages, and your company information. If you need ideas for a calendar we can assist, our team of graphic designers and customer consultants can help you generate the perfect calendar for your company. 

If you have a layout already set up we can also assist, simply provide us with your print-ready file to allow us to generate a proof.  Regardless of your type of business, calendars can make a great impact to generate business for your company throughout the year.  


Benefits of Promoting Your Business with a Custom Wall Calendar

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Most companies understand that providing your customer with a calendar is an effective method to ensure your business remains active with your clients. Even through the changes in technology and use of mobile devices, printed promotional items continue to promote small and large business each day. 


Most common benefits of printed calendars:

Improve Your Brand Awareness

Develop a positive connection to your customers

Practical use for your clients each day

An active ongoing exposure to your business

Used as a possible and active printed message

Develops a plan of action as gifts to your customers

High value impact with a low cost to produce


Trinity Press is ready to assist your team and organization with a custom-printed calendar.  These make a perfect gift for your customer and keeps you in the forefront all year long!

Contact us today for print and design estimate today.